Renewable Energy

Solar power runs most efficiently when the panels can allow in the maximum amount of light to be absorbed. Due to the angle of the panels, they are unfortunately prone to bird droppings and a general build up of dust and dirt. This collection of muck will not simply wash off with just rainwater.

This will reduce the amount of light that hits the panel and therefore reduce its power output. It’s important to keep the panels clean and working as efficiently as possible to ensure you maintain your investment. Regular bi-annual cleaning helps keep panels running at optimum performance.

Oakdean offers a comprehensive range of solar farm maintenance services including:

 Panel cleaning
 Hedge cutting
 Tree services

We will ensure a thorough solar panel cleaning service to remove any dust, dirt and grime that has built up on your panels. Helping you to get the most from your solar energy. Regular cleaning will prevent the compaction of dirt which could ultimately lead to permanent damage to the panel. The cleaning process will also be more time consuming and costly than if you were to maintain them twice yearly.

The Cleaning Process

Our wide-ranging fleet of solar module cleaning vehicles and equipment enables us to easily access various row widths, panel sizes and formations. Our tracked and wheeled machines allow us to clean any solar farm regardless of terrain or ground conditions.

Our cleaning machines use rotary brushes with de-ionised water sprays to carefully dislodge any dirt or other contaminants from the panels. Followed by a second spray of water to wash this down, off the panel.

We choose to use de-ionised water for cleaning because the calcium in untreated tap water can leave a residue on solar panels. There is also a risk that impurities could harm the coating on the modules. By using de-ionised water, we remove this risk and ensure that the panels are cleaned to the highest standard. 

Grounds Maintenance for Solar Farms 

To allow for ease of access to site and reduce any shadows being cast from trees or hedges, the grounds of your solar farm must also be maintained regularly. Our team at Oakdean can manage the upkeep and maintenance of any size solar farm. Including cutting any overhang from trees or hedges, repairing or replacing fencing and caring for the grass areas.

Why Choose Oakdean?

 Experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of solar farms

 Capable of servicing almost any site regardless of size, location or contamination.

 Quality control processes to give clients peace of mind

 Specialised machines that are purpose built to deliver an exceptional service

 Friendly and professional service completed by a qualified team of experts

 Devise a service routine completely specified to your needs

Recent Projects

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{I have dealt with Oakdean Landscaping for more than 20 years and have found to be professional, compliant with all current regulations and able to adapt to changes we make onsite. During stormy weather when trees have fallen, impacting on the site operations due to road closures, they have responded immediately to the problem and got us back to full operation in a timely manner, often within the hour...{
Gordon Powell
Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS)
{I highly recommend Oakdean Landscapes, even with the pandemic their service was responsive and flexible. The guys on site were always pleasant to talk to and professional with our clients.{
Two Rivers Housing
{Oakdean Landscapes regularly maintains our field and always provide a professional and prompt service.{
Stoulgrove Country House B&B
{Just a quick thank you to Henri and the lads at Oakdean Landscapes for the amazing work that they done erecting some new fencing in quite tricky conditions. Let's just say it was slick 🙂 A stress-free process from first contact to finished product with genuinely great friendly people. Thank you!{